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Time of the crime. The registration number is recorded at the station.' PC Rogers was slow oneeyedeer.com and methodical in his speech, like a patient uncle instructing a child in the complexities of adult life. Yet he could not have been more than twenty-two, and Knowles felt insulted by his ponderous delivery. 'I had nothing to do with your damned crime.' 'No one has accused you, sir. If what you say is true, we shall still need to eliminate you from our inquiries.' He was reciting a formula, and they both knew it, but that did not lessen Knowles's irritation buy instagram followers as they proceeded with the exchange. 'Are you arresting me?' 'Certainly not, sir. You would merely be helping us with our inquiries into a serious crime.' Knowles, hearing the last of the necessary clichés, began to wonder how much they really knew about his movements on the previous evening. He said as firmly as he could, 'And of course I'm only too anxious to give you all the assistance I can.' Rogers noticed that this man had not once asked them about the nature of the serious crime they had mentioned. Odd, that. * By the time he had waited ten minutes in the CID section at Oldford, Vic Knowles had recovered enough of his composure to be rather more aggressive. DI Rushton was younger than him by a few years. He had not a grey hair in sight. And he had kept himself in better condition: that was always an irritating thing for an athlete to buy instagram followers contemplate. Knowles said, hoping to establish immediately the goalposts for this exchange, 'Are you in charge of this case, then?' Rushton's brown eyes regarded him coolly for an instant before he said, 'No. I keep an overview of the material we're collecting, and organize the documentation. Superintendent Lambert is in overall charge of the investigation.' Knowles riffled through his knowledge of television crime to decide how exalted these ranks were. He let a little edge of sarcasm creep into his voice as he said, 'A Super in charge: this is big stuff, then.' 'It's murder, sir.' If Rushton enjoyed the little frisson of apprehension the revelation brought, he gave no sign of it. 'The autopsy has now established that officially.' Knowles felt himself already buy instagram followers fretting in the face of the Inspector's calmness. How could these men be so matter-of-fact about the ultimate crime? 'And what connection do you think I have with the crime of murder?' He